Eco Church

Eco Church

The Diocese of Canterbury is registered as an Eco Diocese and believes that care for creation is fundamental to its mission.  Therefore, churches have been invited to complete the unique online Eco Survey about how they are caring for God’s earth in different areas of their life and work. 

St Paul’s is in the process of addressing this exercise and a small team from our church family will be working through the survey to assess our present ‘eco standing’ and how that standing might be improved.  A range of actions might be considered, such as switching to a green energy company or using Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar supplies, which will also gain points towards an Award.  This will be an ongoing task.

Climate Change

In order to keep God’s creation and care of His world in the forefront of our minds as we worship at St Paul’s, I am encouraging the inclusion of a prayer on the environment and the climate change emergency in Sunday intercessions and in the weekly Prayer Diary, and, wherever possible, a mention in sermons and talks of how the situation is impacting the world around us.  We must care about God’s world and recognise that it is in trouble.

Jenny Clifton