St Paul’s Fellowship

St Paul’s Fellowship is an opportunity for people to come together and share friendship and mutual support over a cup of tea. We meet monthly on the third Thursday at 2.30 pm in St Paul’s small hall. Our informal gatherings are attended by 20 – 30 members who enjoy a variety of activities.

We are often entertained by speakers, or take part in quizzes or beetle drives. We organise several outings a year including a seaside trip and popular Christmas Lunch. We remember those who are unable to be with us in our prayers. Membership is open to all and costs just £10 per year. Guests are welcome to attend for £2 per session.

St Paul’s Fellowship Planning Group

Fellowship Programme 2024


THURSDAY 21 MARCH @ 2.30 pm

Fellowship:  Jacquie Grace – Dandelion Time

THURSDAY 18 APRIL @ 2.30 pm

Fellowship:  PC Julie – Life as a PC

THURSDAY 16 MAY @ 10.30 pm

Fellowship:  Outing to Great Comp Garden

THURSDAY 20 JUNE @ 2.30 pm

Fellowship:  Afternoon Tea