St Paul’s Prayer Diary

St Paul’s Prayer Diary - St Pauls Maidstone

‘There is nothing that makes us love someone so much as praying for them.’

(William Law)

This week we give thanks for:

  • The good work that goes on in every parish within our Deanery: pray for continued strength and inspiration for all of us to keep going.

Please pray for:

  • The safety of the rescue teams in Northern India still trying to reach dozens of trapped power plant workers following a broken Himalayan glacier; pray for those who are still missing, and for the injured, traumatised and those waiting for loved ones.               
  • People around the world who are being forced by circumstances to fight for fair democracy.
  • Remote communities in West Nepal and other areas around the world where extreme weather patterns due to climate change are having a devastating impact on crops; pray for support for farmers enabling them to adapt and succeed in their new climate reality, and that their knowledge can then be shared with others.    
  • The Winter Shelter team, particularly Gwyn and Claire, working hard to provide takeaway meals for homeless people every day.  
  • Our Church family: all who are unwell or grieving; and for Joan, Gilly, Barbara, Hazel, Edith, Graham, Jane and Peter and Sheila; and in our wider church: Jeff and Ruth.
  • As we approach the beginning of the season of Lent, ask God to give us grace to hear His voice and be changed by His message.   

You may like to use these words at the start of your prayer time this week:

Lord, as I come into your presence in prayer, silence my heart that I may hear your voice and inspire me with the vision of your beloved Son.