Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary - St Pauls Maidstone

‘The joy of the Lord is your strength’

(Nehemiah 8: 10)

This week we give thanks for:

  • All creation, and pray for wisdom and understanding, and the ability to seek to restore the life of this earth, its beauty and majesty.
  • The opportunity during this time to work through a Lent course, either in a group or on our own.

Please pray for:

  • Peace in the many areas of our world where there is conflict and unrest.
  • The fair distribution of Covid vaccines, in particular to the poorer countries around the world.  
  • The farmers and workers in the communities that Fairtrade works with, who grow our food and produce the cotton for our clothes, as they face growing challenges caused by climate change (Fairtrade Fortnight runs from the 22nd February to the 7th March).
  • All who feel isolated or are living alone, and for the residents of Care Homes – may they be sustained by God’s peace and loving presence.       
  • Our Church family: all who are unwell or grieving; and for Joan, Gilly, Barbara, Hazel, Edith, Graham, Jane and Peter and Sheila; an in our wider church: Jeff, Ruth and Joan.

You may like to use this prayer during the week:

Lord, as we begin Lent, prepare our hearts and minds to reflect upon the temptation of Jesus for 40 days and nights and what that meansfor us.  Help me to enjoy and give thanks for the bounty you provide for me, and remind me to share your gifts with others.  Amen.